Hello, and welcome!


My name is Miles Blaine.  I’m currently a student at Brigham Young University, Idaho.  I’m majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Advertising and Visual Media.

My past photography has been for my own personal enjoyment.  While I’ve done a few photo shoots for family and friends, I wouldn’t call myself a professional photographer.  I’m just an amateur with personal aspirations to become better whenever and wherever I can.

I’m taking this class because I want to branch out.  I’m much more comfortable in Adobe Illustrator than I am with Photoshop.  You’ll usually find me creating logos and other visual media with stock photos, or photos others have taken.  I want to be able to conceptualize an idea and produce it, photos and all, by myself.

Here are a few of the photos I’ve taken in the past.  Please let me know what you think!


This is a photo I took for our family at my wife’s graduation.  I framed the shot, played with the settings, stuck the camera on my rickety, free tripod with a 10 second delay and hoped for the best!  It turned out better than I expected.


This is my son, Jensen.  I took this in the fall of 2013.  We were playing outside and I loved the way the fall colors were playing off of his shirt.

Jensen playing in the leaves.

This is Jensen again.  Since the background was not so pretty I narrowed the field of focus so it mostly captured him.

Jensen playing in the leaves.

Here’s another one of Jensen that day, just playing in the leaves and loving it.

San Diego temple.

I took this on our family trip to San Diego this summer.  This is a pretty classic shot of the SD temple.  Blue sky as the backdrop to this gorgeous, pristine white temple.

Succulent with collected water.

This one is just one of my plants that I caught early one morning.  It caught my attention because of the water that had settled into it.  Who knew iPhones could take such great macro shots?


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  1. I love the photos of the baby, in particular the one where’s he smiling with his mouth open, positioned in the lower third of the frame. Though the sky is a little blown out at the top the moment is priceless and just captures a genuine moment of joy. Some other good memory photos can be seen on these blogs: https://reannajonesdesign.wordpress.com/ and https://sarahlindsayphotography.wordpress.com/digital-imaging-comm-300/

    Link back: https://mrasbandportfolio.wordpress.com/category/comm-300/


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