Photo Book Layout

Photo Book Layout Idea

While creating this photo book spread I looked at a number of examples and pulled in the elements I liked.  I knew I wanted to make it a simplistic, flat design.  I saw a lot of different flat designs, some get a little crazy with sizing and placing images, most had some systematic division of space that was consistent, but others were kind of a mess to look at and as such not easy to enjoy.  For that reason I chose to layout my page with multiple images in an evenly spaced two by two grid.  The one other option I played with was a one by three grid with lots of white space on the top and bottom of the grid.  I think I might work that in with some different images, but with these I wasn’t loving it.


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  1. Miles,

    I really like how you arranged your photos. Its nice how you’ve given so much space for the picture on the right. That is good to do every once in a while, to highlight a favorite. I would just suggest right-aligning both the “San Diego Temple” line and the line under it, so that they are even compared to the vertical bar.

    Check out my blog:
    I also really enjoyed this guy’s design as well:
    Here is a cool article on photobook design:


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