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Farmers Only Commercial

Hopefully you haven’t flopped out of your chair with laughter after watching that.  If you need a moment to compose yourself, I understand.

So.  This is a commercial that plays on the local stations here in Idaho.  Yes, it’s still playing in 2015.  Yes it’s a real dating website, and yes people use it.

There are several things Farmers only does really well, and their story is actually really cool.  This commercial however, could definitely have been better.  I should point out that they’ve since updated their commercial.  I’ll post a link to that at the bottom.

The main problem, which could have been avoided with a tad bit of research, is the cartoon spokes people they used.  The cartoon they used is based off of the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood.  The two characters are actually father and daughter, not husband and wife.

Farmers only already seems a little cheesy, and this definitely doesn’t help. Incest isn’t something you want coming to mind on a dating site.  It was just a poor choice on their part.  They probably didn’t even think much about it.  Now there are forums and comments all pointing out the fact that this is a little disturbing.

If they’d taken just a few minutes to get the background on the painting they’re using for inspiration, they probably wouldn’t have made the same choice.

Here’s a link to their new commercial:

And here’s a link to their company blog:

Their blog is actually really well done.  I might do another post on their success and the things they’re doing right, so stay tuned.


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