Depth: Deep & Shallow

For these photos I had to play around a lot more than I thought I would with the manual settings.  I thought if I just stayed on the low end of my focal length with a low f-stop I’d be good to go.  That, however, was not entirely the case.  There was a lot of finagling, shimmying, crouching and positioning of myself and the camera that had to be done.  Although getting the settings right and switching to manual focus did help a lot.



One of a kind

5/11/2015 – Rexburg Idaho in a field off of University

f/4.6; focal length 36mm; 1/250



5/11/2015 – Rexburg Idaho at a farm by Mesa Falls apartments

f/3.5; focal length 18mm; 1/250


The beaten path

5/11/2015 – Rexburg Idaho by Mesa Falls apartments

f/3.5; focal length 18mm; 1/250


Young and free

5/11/2015 – Rexburg Idaho by the temple

f/5.6; focal length 36mm; 1/250



Make it rain

5/11/2015 – Rexburg Idaho near the temple

f/18; focal length 55mm; 1/250 – Hue/Saturation, light&contrast filter


Easy way out

5/11/2015 – Rexburg Idaho near the Ivy

f/16; focal length 36mm; 1/250 – B&W/Hue&Saturation mask


5 thoughts on “Depth: Deep & Shallow

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  1. Great job this week! These were some of my favorites! I especially like the wood one because it could be such an ordinary object, but you made it look really interesting by how you composed the shot. I also loved the road one and what you did with the editing. It really draws your eye through the whole image.

    Sarah did some cool stuff too:
    Check out my blog:

    Also, check out this board I found on Pinterest. Lots of cool shallow depth examples:


  2. I hope you didn’t have any close calls with cars trying to get that last shot. I do like it though. I like the different angles of the road and the hills. Did you take out all the color, but the yellow, or was that just a really gray day? All your photos are great.


  3. Very nicely done! I like the balance that you have with the pictures of the flowers and your deep depth of field pictures are very well done as well. With the picture that is titled “Make It Rain” I really like how lush and green it looks . It makes the picture stand out better, so very well done.
    Sarah Bell also has some good pictures so here is her link.


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