Up Close and Personal

This week I experimented with macro photography and water drops.  Getting a good water drop picture – ie. having it act like a mini fisheye lens – was really difficult.  So many things have to come together just right.  I’m not loosing hope, I’ll be practicing that a lot more.

Process: I took these photos on three separate occasions.  One was set up in my kitchen.  I found a black backdrop and used some house lamps for lighting, another was outside just after it rained, and the other was in class.

I looked up a photo tutorial that looked fun: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/109353097171887816/  It’s on how to take “bubbly” photos.  I went and bought a few bottles of sparkling water, a square tupperware, and a piece of styrofoam and went to town.  I found that pinning the fruit down helped because they all started to float after a few seconds in the carbonated water.












3 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal

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  1. Hey Miles! I really like your images of the fruit in the carbonated soda/water They are really intriguing! It makes me want to try it! It looks like you had a flash on when your took some of your pictures, flash photography reminds me of the 80’s haha! You can dim down the contrast by adding a little fill light. Something also to think about is the texture detail in your whites and blacks, make sure you can see the texture in those areas! You have some great images! Im excited to see what you have up your sleeve next!


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