Lighting with reflectors

This week my task was to manipulate the lighting of portraits using only natural light and reflectors and or diffusers.  I used all the reflectors except the white one.


I met Caitlyn in the gardens.  She was working on the same assignment so I tagged along with her group to get a few additional shots.  In this shot I used the silver reflector to eliminate some of the shadow on her face.  I re-touched the image in photoshop with three adjustment layers; levels, vibrance, and exposure.  I brushed in the areas I wanted adjusted.

In this photo I used the gold reflector and made almost the same adjustments as the previous photo, lightening the eyes and teeth, and bringing out the vibrance of the grass and texture of the tree.


Juan volunteered to let me take pictures of him Friday afternoon.  In this shot I’m using the diffuser – we were shooting at 4:00 p.m. and the sun was super bright.  I brightened his eyes and brought out the contrast and texture in the wall behind him in photoshop.

SaraThis last one is Sara and her gorgeous hair.  She was a great model.  In this shot I’m using the silver reflector to lighten the right side of her face in the image.  I made a few adjustments in photoshop, but only slight ones.


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