This week’s theme was portraits.  I had a lot of fun with this even though I ran into a few problems.  I learned a lot.

For me edits I relied heavily on three things.  First I made minor exposure and lighting adjustments in Lightroom.  Next, I opened those images in Photoshop and used the doge and burn tools to lighten or darken specific areas of each image.  When making enhancements to eyes and teeth I created a levels adjustment layer and selected “Screen” for the mode.  Then I changed the layer mask to black to temporarily hide the effects.  Then I went over the image with a white brush to bring out the enhanced eyes and teeth.

Auto Body

Hey Slick

Happy Trees





Color Match:

I don’t like how this one turned out.  I think the quality of the image I wanted to edit wasn’t high enough to make the color match function work.

Color Match

Source Image: M&M

Before: Before

Color Swap:

This was an interesting tool.  I don’t think I’ll use it very often, but cool that it’s there.  I changed the shirt from red to greenish-grey.  Color Change

Original: Original


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