Advertising with Google AdWords for $20 a day

Chances are that if you’re a small business, your advertising budget is fairly small.  The good news for you is that $10 – $20 per day can garner a decent amount of traffic headed your way if you keep these tips in mind.

Understand the basics of SEO – If you’re unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization, invest the time and become familiar.  With so many resources available on the subject you can figure out the basics in an afternoon and be well versed in a matter of days.  Here’s a good starting point: Google’s blog on how to get the most out of Google AdWords:

Know your target audience.  This is probably the most important factor in having a successful AdWords campaign.  If you don’t know who to target and how, your money will be wasted pretty fast.  AdWords has great tools for figuring out how and where to reach your target audience.  Learn to use them.

Keep it user friendly – When someone performs an internet search and clicks on your link, you have maybe three seconds to grab their attention and keep them there.  Users want to be taken straight to the relevant content. They don’t want to click on your link and then have to search for what they think they clicked on.  It sounds a little tricky, I know, but as a general rule if you keep your content simple, users will find what they’re looking for and be happy.

Don’t create “click-bait” content.  You’ve seen it before.  The oh so intriguing headline and shocking image in the side bar of your Facebook page.  It never delivers what you think it will.  Don’t be that guy!  It actually will drop your SEO ranking in the long run.  Google isn’t stupid, they run the universe after all.  Create meaningful content.  You can have creative and intriguing headlines, in fact you need to.  But make sure you deliver what readers are hoping for when they click.


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