Light Painting

Light painting requires a dark space, cool objects, and things that light up.  Like flashlights, or glow sticks.  Oh, and it also takes some patience and imagination.

These pictures were taken as part of a lab assignment.  There were about eight stations set up throughout an auditorium on campus.  Each station had a different camera, so I just carried my SD card from station to station.  I had about eight minutes at each station to conceptualize an idea and execute it, all while in the dark, switching between different cameras.  It was a fun challenge.

I think I’m still not quite getting the theory, or essence of light painting, but it’s given me some neat ideas to think about.  I think the idea is to use the light to not only showcase the subject in unique ways, but to take advantage of the versatility of the light source.  You can create some very unique compositions by having multiple light sources which, in a way, act independently because of the open shutter.  You can achieve some extremes in shadow and highlights which are not possible with traditional, quicker shutter speeds.  My current struggle is not over exposing the shot with too many light sources.  To combat this, I decided to take multiple images from the sam position, focusing on one specific subject or angle at a time.  This gave me the ability to make composite images.  The image of the glowing bottles for example is a composite of two different shots.









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