Photo Contests

On A Ledge

Entered on 07/18/15 – SOAphoto Contest Link: MilesBlaine_BumbleBee


Entered on 07/18/15 – ViewBug Dark Portraits:

Lone Ranger

Entered on 07/18/15 – ViewBug Faces And Places:


I selected these images because they were my favorites from this semester, also they were the ones that best fit the various contest parameters.

Each images was edited minimally.  The On A Ledge photo was not edited, Dusty was sharpened and adjusted for contrast and exposure, and Lone Ranger was a composite of three bracketed images for an HDR effect.

I really like the ViewBug platform.  You can upload up to 10 images per day and enter one photo per contest per day with their free membership.  There are literally hundreds of contests to enter.  The prizes look awesome and people have already started giving me feedback on my work.  It’s really cool.

The SOAphoto platform is ok.  It’s very basic, but covers the basics well.  You can only upload and submit one photo per day, which is kind of a bummer.  I’m excited to see how each of these contests work out.


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