The Power of Video

It’s really not question.  Video is just more engaging than any other medium of entertainment.  The two most powerful attention grabbers are light and motion, which is all video is – light in motion.

In an article by Richard Tiland written for Forbes, Tiland said, “Video is beyond entertainment.  It has become a critical component in business, politics, communication, social media and even in music.  We need video to market and sell products, promote new ideas and share beliefs.  Since video appeals to both sight and sound in a quick burst of stimulation, it captures the attention of the viewer immediately and makes a lasting impression.  The messaging is concise and easy to understand, reaching people of all demographics.”

Video is the best method for storytelling available to us currently.  Story is at the core of advertising.  You want to tell a story and connect with your target demographic in an emotional way.

Here are some interesting statistics on the power of video:

How have you used video to tell your story?


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