Daily Essentials Icon Set

I started out this project with more ambition that I had time, and probably skill.  It took me three tries to settle on what I was going to create.  I started out at WWII airplanes, took a detour to sea creatures and got lost in the wacky world of skeuomorphism, and finally landed on my daily essentials.  That sounds weird.  Let me explain.

Once I solidified my concept, I took my messenger bag that I carry with me everywhere, everyday(my daily essentials), and emptied it’s contents on the table in front of me and started sketching.



Sketching taught me a lot.  I learned that it’s about solving visual problems and figuring out which shapes the objects I’m looking at are made of.  Once I started thinking in shapes, everything got easier.

I found taking the time to get in close and really break down each object into it’s various elements helped me sketch better and really understand how to translate that sketch into a vector graphic.

My first set of drafts: 


At this point I was still deciding on how best to orient each object.  I decided on making them as two-dimensional as possible.  I had to sometimes squint at them with one eye while sketching to really figure out what they looked like on a single plane.

Overall I’m happy with how everything turned out.  I learned more than I thought I ever would doing this project and I think the future projects I take on will go much smoother.

Final Product:



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