Vector Website

Websites are something we come across probably hundreds of times each day.  Their design and ease of navigation really make or break how well they ultimately function.

I set out to make an interesting, yet simple web design.  I wanted to try tackling a continuously scrolling website since I haven’t done that before.

I started out with some sketches.  This was probably my favorite part.

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As I took some of my sketches from thumbnail size to full size I was able to get a better idea of how different elements would interact.

First I sketched them in more detail on a white board in 12×18 squares.  Then I took those and created wire frames in Adobe Illustrator.

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After that I got feedback from some of my peers and decided on which layout I wanted to pursue.

Once I had that figured out it was just a matter of bringing in all the page elements, which took quite a while.  I had to create layouts for each section, decide on which fonts to use and when, what the links would look like in their various stages, etc.  Then I had to make notes that the programer could follow.

This is a project I really enjoyed.  I want to explore some of the other layouts I came up with in the sketching phase and develop them further.

Here’s my finished product!  Finished website design


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