Vector Watch


This was an absolute blast.  I only wish I had more time!  I probably spent about 25 hours working on the various stages of this project, sketching and watching tutorials included.  I learned a ton.

First off, I love watches.  One day when I’m rich I won’t hesitate to spend $40k on an IWC watch.  But for now, I’ve got this.

I started off by sketching out some of the different elements of the watch.  The numbering, stitching, and bezel were the main parts I focused on.  I took the time to look at some images of the watch and try to see it in shapes and values, picking out the number of concentric circles I’d need to make each highlight and contour.


After that I went to work creating all the various elements of the watch.

I started out with the basics: case, face, bezel, chronograph buttons, calendar, etc.  After that I moved on to adding in the various contours and edges by creating lots and lots of concentric circles with different gradients, opacities, and blending modes.

I eventually decided to simplify the face by loosing the two chronograph complications like you see in the photos.  It was fun picking and choosing which elements of the different watches I wanted to keep or discard.

Here’s a look at the four main stages I went through.  The one on the left is very flat and basic and the one on the far right is the finished product.


Throughout the process I referenced various photos and other vector watches.  One which I found incredibly helpful was this:


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