Social Media: The Interview No One Tells You About

As part of my senior project I created an infographic outlining the key statistics from an e-book I’m writing.  The book is titled, Social Media: The Interview No One Tells You About.  I’m publishing on Amazon and the book should be available around the middle of December 2015.

For this post I want to focus on the design aspect of this infographic.

I spent probably 8-10 hours on this from start to finish.  I started a Pinterest board  dedicated to infographics to start getting the ideas flowing.  I already knew what content I wanted to include, so that part was easy.

After looking at several different examples I sketched some wireframes of a few different layout styles and settled this one, with a large title section in the middle.  Next I picked the color pallet and created a universal set of swatches.


I created everything on the poster in Adobe Illustrator.  My favorite parts are the guy in the upper right hand corner and the ‘recent grad’ who’s right in the middle of the cutoff.  I chose 14 vector guys in two rows of 7 with a diagonal divide specifically so I could cut him in half.

I had a lot of fun creating this.  I got tons of compliments and a few people even asked to buy copies which was super cool.




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