Social Media: The Interview No One Tells You About

As part of my senior project I created an infographic outlining the key statistics from an e-book I'm writing.  The book is titled, Social Media: The Interview No One Tells You About.  I'm publishing on Amazon and the book should be available around the middle of December 2015. For this post I want to focus on... Continue Reading →


The Power of Video

It's really not question.  Video is just more engaging than any other medium of entertainment.  The two most powerful attention grabbers are light and motion, which is all video is - light in motion. In an article by Richard Tiland written for Forbes, Tiland said, "Video is beyond entertainment.  It has become a critical component... Continue Reading →

Advertising: Is it worth it?

With an estimated $180 billion spent on advertising in the US last year one may ask, “was it all worth it”?  The answer to that question probably depends on who you ask.  Large corporations will likely answer with a resounding yes.  Among smaller businesses I’d imagine there would be a wider range of answers.  Some... Continue Reading →

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