Photo Contests

On A Ledge Entered on 07/18/15 - SOAphoto Contest Link:  Dusty Entered on 07/18/15 - ViewBug Dark Portraits: Lone Ranger Entered on 07/18/15 - ViewBug Faces And Places: I selected these images because they were my favorites from this semester, also they were the ones that best fit the various contest parameters. Each images was... Continue Reading →


Photo Book

This photo book is a compilation of my best work from this semester. Each of these photographs represents hours of work. In total, I've spent approximately 120 hours this semester, planning, practicing, shooting, editing, and refining my work. Throughout this semester I've revived and refined a passion for photography that I've always had but sidelined... Continue Reading →

Light Painting

Light painting requires a dark space, cool objects, and things that light up.  Like flashlights, or glow sticks.  Oh, and it also takes some patience and imagination. These pictures were taken as part of a lab assignment.  There were about eight stations set up throughout an auditorium on campus.  Each station had a different camera,... Continue Reading →

Fine Art Print

My printed and framed piece is floating around the Spori somewhere at the moment, otherwise I'd have shown that to you.  I got an awesome frame from Ikea and I can't wait to be able to display it at home.  Or give it to my brothers.  They turned into cowboys one day while I was... Continue Reading →

Photobook Spreads

These two spreads are my first idea for how I'll layout my photobook.  I've played around with different fonts but I think I'm going to keep looking.  I like this one, but I can't help but feel there's something else even better out there. As for color, I tried to add color, even black, but... Continue Reading →

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