Event T-Shirt Lee Hayes

This is a shirt I designed for a law-firm in Seattle. The shirt was for use at a summer bbq community event. The client wanted a simplistic outdoor theme with mountains. This was the design they liked most. The design incorporates their brand colors, logo/tagline, and the look and feel they were going for. Here... Continue Reading →


Nacho Libre T-Shirt

About Project: Create a t-shirt design which follows The Narrative Image guidelines.  Since the design will ultimately be screen printed, I was limited to just 4 colors(5 if you include the color of the shirt). Step 1: Sketching I started out just putting as many ideas on paper as I could.  At first I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Vector Watch

This was an absolute blast.  I only wish I had more time!  I probably spent about 25 hours working on the various stages of this project, sketching and watching tutorials included.  I learned a ton. First off, I love watches.  One day when I'm rich I won't hesitate to spend $40k on an IWC watch.... Continue Reading →

Vector Website

Websites are something we come across probably hundreds of times each day.  Their design and ease of navigation really make or break how well they ultimately function. I set out to make an interesting, yet simple web design.  I wanted to try tackling a continuously scrolling website since I haven't done that before. I started... Continue Reading →

Daily Essentials Icon Set

I started out this project with more ambition that I had time, and probably skill.  It took me three tries to settle on what I was going to create.  I started out at WWII airplanes, took a detour to sea creatures and got lost in the wacky world of skeuomorphism, and finally landed on my... Continue Reading →

The Power of Video

It's really not question.  Video is just more engaging than any other medium of entertainment.  The two most powerful attention grabbers are light and motion, which is all video is - light in motion. In an article by Richard Tiland written for Forbes, Tiland said, "Video is beyond entertainment.  It has become a critical component... Continue Reading →

Photo Contests

On A Ledge Entered on 07/18/15 - SOAphoto Contest Link: http://tinyurl.com/q4vlpsq  Dusty Entered on 07/18/15 - ViewBug Dark Portraits:  http://www.viewbug.com/contests/dark-portraits-photo-contest Lone Ranger Entered on 07/18/15 - ViewBug Faces And Places: http://www.viewbug.com/contests/faces-and-places-photo-contest I selected these images because they were my favorites from this semester, also they were the ones that best fit the various contest parameters. Each images was... Continue Reading →

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